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It is very helpful to be a member of a town. When you claim land as a town, only people with permissions can edit things inside the town. This can be a good way to protect your builds and supplies from other people.

Here are some helpful commands for Towns.

Some of the commands
Command What it does Who can use it
/towny shows the list of commands Everyone
/town new (townname) Creates a new town on that plot of land Anyone without a current town.
/town claim Used in different plots to claim more land Town Mayor
/town deposit (amount) Puts money in town bank Any town members
/tc Town only chat Any town members.
/t spawn Will spawn you in your town Any town members.
/t trust add ign Trusts an outsider to build/switch/destroy in your town Mayor and Co-Mayors
/t buy bonus (amount) Adds extra claims once you've used them all Example
/townban ban (ign) (reason) Bans someone from entering your town Mayor and Co-Mayors
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

Towns Fallen Towns
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