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Saoirse is a nation founded in January 23rd 2022. It's current capital is Tethys, and keroppine is the king.

It includes other cities such as Nubilux, hamtown, Tethys, Alexandria, Flora and Socialist Yunyun.

Its old name was Alesia, but it got renamed as 'Saoirse' which means freedom, liberty, since this nation is a place where everyone should be comfortable to be themselves and have fun!

It does not accept new towns at the moment. However if you want to join, you can dm keroppine.

Do /n spawn Saoirse to see our lovely spawn!

Towns in Saoirse and Residents
Towns Residents
Flora Bambibibibi, DaFwoglol
Nubilux SnowyPride
Tethys keroppine, DHowitzer
Alexandria SyndicateHD_, safena
Socialist Yunyun DemetraMwah
hamtown msGingerJane
Syndicate Kaesesauce
Radiator Springs kachowbaby, iheartmyse1f