Sanctuary Revive

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~Welcome to Sanctuary Revive ~

Sanctuary Revive is ran and protected by Sugirino.

  • It's a multi-project that is a large project of picking up large heavily griefed towns that have lost their previous tenants and owners, and bringing them back to their former glory.
  • Although still small; The plan is to expand in the future to move different towns to keep expanding to remodel and revive as time goes on. It's not a project to completely take over as well previous builds designs are followed and kept to the same aesthetic. If a building is completely destroyed and unrecognized unfortunately then it'll be replaced with something that matches the projects area.
  • Currently the project houses; a in ground area with a large multi-level Farming build that's being rebuild, Turtle farm, Large storage; available to Public if ask Sugirino, Pandas! and more

Overal, It's just a constant project of work in progress -