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Nations are an "extension" of Towns, whereas various towns can join a Nation and create their own community. Creating a Nation will cost you 80,000$ and bring an upkeep of 5,000$ per town daily. Managing a nation is similar to managing a town, except more expensive and a bit more to handle.

Benefits of creating a nation include free Bonusclaims and up to 5 outposts for each town. When in a nation, players can acces the nation chat using /nc to chat with people within their nation.


A nation has set ranks that allow the given player to use more Nation Commands. Available ranks are:


As of current is only known to be cosmetic, can however be used for an hierarchic system as an assistant may be able to message the king quicker.


Is able to withdraw from the nation's bank.


Is able to invite and kick towns.


A Co-King can perform any nation command the king can except disbanding the nation and becoming king themselves.


These commands will help you manage your nation and design it the way you want it. Commands that directly affect the nation are only available for people with a certainset rank in the nation.

/nation OR /n ...
Command What it does
/n Presents your general town nation information to you, e.g. who the king is, how many towns are in your nations etc..
join Lets your town join a nation, given they have invited you.
new [name] Allows you to create your own nation.
add [town name]
invite [townname]
Invites a town into your nation.
invite -[townname] will revoke your invitation.
invite sent will show which towns you have invited.
ally >command< Lets your nation interact with other nations, making them your ally.

> accept [nation name] will accept an ally request from another nation.
> add [nation name] will send an ally request to another nation.
> deny [nation name] will deny an ally request from another nation.
> received will show all ally requests you have received from other nations.
> remove [nation name] will exterminate an existing alliation to another nation.
> sent will show your ally requests to other nations.

allylist Shows all the alliations your nation has with other nations.
deposit [amount] Lets you deposit money into your nation's bank so it doesn't go bankrupt.
NOTE: Will only work on the capital's bank plot.
withdraw [amount] Lets you withdraw money from your nation's bank.
NOTE: Will only work on the capital's bank plot.
enemy (add/remove) Allows you to be enemies with another nation, as a gag or if you dislike another nation.
NOTE: As this is no war server, this has no effect on any PVP or other elements.
enemylist Shows all the enemies your nation has added.
kick Lets you kick a town from your nation.
leave Lets your town leave the nation you're currently in.
list Lists all current nations, sorted by their population.
online Shows all people online within your nation.
rank (add/remove) [playername] (rank) Gives a player within your nation a certain rank.
ranklist Shows a list of the ranks within the nation.
say [message] Spread a message in the name of the nation, within your nation.
spawn Sends you to the nation's set spawn.
townlist Shows a list of all towns in your nation.
set >command< set is used for various commands that affect the nation.

> board [message] will change the message your board displays, e.g. when displaying nation info or on the live map.
> capital (townname) will change the capital of the nation.
> king (playername) will change the current king, giving them all rights to the nation.
> spawn will change the current spawn to the position you're standing on. Only works in the capital.
> spawncost [amount in $] will change the amount a player has to pay when spawning in the nation. Standard is 10$.
> mapcolor [color] will change the color the towns are displayed in on the live map.
> name [name] will change the name of the nation.
> surname (playername) [name] will give a player a surname, e.g. "Player1 Tarzan". Can be cleared when leaving [name] empty.
> tag [short name] gives your nation a tag. Unsure of use yet.
> taxes [amount in $)] Will set a specific amount a town has to pay daily to stay in the nation. Maximum is 10,000$.
> title (playername) [text] Will set the title of a player within a nation.

toggle >command< toggles the state of your nation.

> neutral [on/off] will set whether your town is neutral or not.
> peaceful [on/off] will set whether your town is peaceful or not.
> open [on/off] will set whether your town is open to join without an invitation or not.
> public [on/off] will set whether your town is openly accessible (spawn) or not.

Nations on the server

Nations that have existed for more than 30 days will be added to the list.

Nations Fallen Nations
Cirta Serenity