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! [[Towns]] !! [[Nations]] !! [[History]] !! [[Event]] !! [[Player]] !! [[Items]] !! [[Enchants]]
! [[Towns]] !! [[Nations]] !! [[History]] !! [[Events]] !! [[Players]] !! [[Items]] !! [[Enchants]]

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Welcome to the PartyRealms Wiki!
A fully custom experience with a welcoming community that you will never find anywhere else!

The goal of this Wiki is to create a space for the community to document and share your experiences on our Minecraft server. Document the history of a town/nation, an event, a build, or help out other players by further explaining various aspects of the Minecraft server that you may have discovered.

Please note that vandalism will not be tolerated. Files cannot be uploaded to prevent abuse. If you would like to request to upload a file, create an Other ticket on our Discord.


Towns Nations History Events Players Items Enchants

To request a new category, please create an Other ticket on our Discord.

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