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Information - Towny

What is Towny?

Towny is a land claiming plugin that lets you create towns and claim land with them. Towns add an entirely new layer of gameplay to the server. Towns can be sources of political drama, the birthplace of an economic empire, or even a regional power that has plans to rule the world. There are endless possibilities, but the primary purpose of Towny is to protect your land from outsiders. You have full control of the land that your town has claimed, and you can modify the permissions of your town, sell portions of your land to your residents to live on, have embassies built on your land from other towns, create farms, etc.

Nations are collections of towns that have decided to work together. Nations offer a bonus of 50 claims and 1 outpost for every 25 residents to every town in the nation, up to 250 claims and 5 outposts. However, nation upkeep is very steep compared to towns. Nations are costly to make. Additionally, towns can be tricky to run if you are new, so we suggest you join one and learn how towns work before diving into creating one of your own.

Section 1: Upkeep and Costs

As stated above, nations are expensive. Towns are free to create and Nations cost $80,000 to create. The upkeep for nations is $5,000 per town in the nation. The upkeep for towns is based on the amount of land you have claimed. Each piece of land you have claimed costs $17 per day to maintain. Land does not cost anything to claim. You can purchase more claims by typing /town buy bonus [amount]. Bonus claims cost $3,000 per claim, to a maximum of 1,750 bonus claims. Lastly, overclaiming is when you have claimed more land than you have claims available. This can happen when a player leaves your town and your town downgrades or if you leave your nation. The cost is $250 per overclaim per day to prevent abuse. The maximum tax you can set on your residents is 25% of their balance or $2,500.

Section 2: Town and Nation Ranks

Town Ranks

  • Dignitary
    • Exempt from taxes
  • Co-Mayor
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Everything that a mayor can do except disband the town
  • Accountant
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Withdraw/deposit to/from the town bank
    • Buy bonus town claims
  • Sheriff
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Toggle the jail status
    • Jail outlaws when killing
    • Can outlaw people or remove them from being an outlaw
    • Ban/kick players from town
  • Deputy
    • Toggle the jail status
    • Jail outlaws when killing them
    • Can outlaw people or remove them from being an outlaw
  • Architect
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Bypass town/plot permissions
  • Builder
    • Bypass town/plot permissions
  • Recruiter
    • Exempt from taxes
    • Invite/kick people to/from the town
    • Set plots for sale
    • Set plots not for sale

Nation Ranks
  • Co-King
    • Everything that a king can do except disband the nation
  • Accountant
    • Withdraw/deposit to/from the nation bank
    • Deposit money from nation bank into a town in the nation
  • Recruiter
    • Add/kick towns to/from the nation

Section 3: Bankrupt Towns

Towns that run out of money will go bankrupt. When a town is bankrupt, a town cannot do normal functions such as claiming, inviting new players, or any other town related commands. This is designed to protect towns that forget to put money into their bank as they can deposit money into the bank to get out of bankruptcy and avoid having their town deleted. The limit for how much debt your town can go into is determined by the daily upkeep. If you go into more than $250,000 of debt, your town will be deleted.

Section 4: Commands

Below is a list of all Towny related commands and their functions. If you need more help, ask in chat or create a ticket in the #support-tickets channel on Discord.

Towny Commands

  • /towny
    • ? - List of towny commands
    • map - Shows the towny map, nearby towns, etc.
    • prices - Shows the costs associated with running a town
    • time - Shows the time until next day
    • top [residents/land] [all/town/nation] - Show a list of top residents/land owners
    • universe - Shows full towny statistics

Plot Commands

  • /plot
    • ? - List of plot commands
    • claim - Claim the plot you are currently standing in
    • unclaim - Unclaim the plot you are currently standing in
    • forsale [price] - Set a plot for sale with a price
    • notforsale - Set a plot as no longer for sale
    • evict - Evict a resident from a plot
    • perm - View the permissions of a plot
    • set
      • reset - Reset a plot type
      • shop - Set plot to shop type
      • embassy - Set plot to embassy type
      • arena - Set plot to arena type
      • wilds - Set plot to wilds type
      • inn - Set plot to inn type
      • jail - Set plot to jail type
      • bank - Set plot to bank type
      • outpost - Set plot to outpost type
      • name - Set the name of a plot
      • perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - Edit the permissions of a plot
      • perm reset - Reset the permissions of a plot to default
    • toggle [fire/pvp/explosion/mob] - Toggle various things for a plot
    • clear - Clear the signs from a plot
    • ? - Resident command list
    • [resident] - Information about a player
    • friend - Manage your friends
      • add [resident] - Add an online player as your friend
      • add+ [resident] - Add an offline player as your friend
      • remove [resident] - Remove an online player as your friend
      • remove+ [resident] - Remove an offline player as your friend
      • clearlist - Clear your list of friends
    • list - List of all residents
    • jail paybail - Pay bail if you are in jail
    • spawn - Teleport to your town spawn
    • toggle [map/townclaim/plotborder/constantplotborder/ignoreplots/reset] - Toggle various things
    • set perm [friend/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - Set permissions for your owned plots
    • tax - Check how much tax you pay

Town Commands

  • /town
    • ? - List of town commands
    • [town] - Show information about a town
    • here - Show information about the town you are standing in
    • leave - Leave a town
    • list - List of towns by type
      • by name [page]
      • by resident [page]
      • by balance [page]
      • by townblocks [page]
      • by online [page]
      • by open [page]<
    • online - List online members of your town
    • plots [town] - Show list of plots and types owned by a town
    • new [town] - Create a new town
    • add [resident] - Invite a person to your town
    • kick [resident] - Kick a resident from your town
    • spawn - Teleport to your town spawn
      • [town] - Teleport to another town's spawn, must be public
    • claim - Claim land for your town
      • outpost - Claim an outpost for your town
    • unclaim - Unclaim land
      • all - Unclaim all land
    • withdraw [money] - Withdraw money from your town
    • deposit [money] - Deposit money to your town
    • buy bonus [amount] - Buy bonus claims for your town
    • delete [town] - Delete your town
    • outlawlist [town] - List of outlaws in a town
    • outlaw [add/remove] [name] - Add or remove outlaws from your town
    • outpost - Teleport to your town outpost
      • [#] - Teleport to a specific outpost
      • list - List of your town's outposts
    • ranklist - List of ranks available in your town
    • rank [add/remove] [resident] [rank] - Add or remove ranks from a resident
    • reslist [town] - List of residents and their ranks in your town
    • say [msg] - Broadcast a message to everyone in your town
    • set - Set various things in your town
      • board [msg] - Sets the login message residents see when they log in
      • mayor [resident] - Sets a new mayor
      • homeblock - Sets a chunk as your town's home block
      • spawn - Set the spawnpoint of your town
      • spawncost [money] - Set the cost for non-town members when teleporting to your town spawn
      • name [name] - Change the name of your town
      • outpost - Set a plot as an outpost
      • jail - Set a plot as a jil
      • perm [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destroy/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - Manage permissions for your town
      • perm reset - Reset permissions in your town
      • tag [4characters] - Set town tag
      • taxes [money] - Set the taxes for your town
      • plottax [money] - Set the plot taxes for your town
      • plotprice [money] - Set the default plot price for your town
      • shopprice [money] - Set the default shop price for your town
      • shoptax [money] - Set the shop taxes for your town
      • embassyprice [money] - Set the default embassy price for your town
      • embassytax [money] - Set the emassy taxes for your town
      • title [resident] [title] - Change a resident's title
      • surname [resident] [surname] - Change a resident's surname
    • toggle - Toggle various things in your town
      • explosion - Toggle explosion block damage in your town
      • fire - Toggle firespread in your town
      • mobs - Toggle mob spawns in your town
      • public - Toggle anyone to teleport to your town spawn
      • pvp - Enable PVP in your town
      • taxpercent - Switch between percent or flat tax
      • open - Toggle whether people can join your town without an invite
      • jail [number] [resident] - Jail a resident, [number] is optional and is the jail number
      • jail [number] [resident] [days] - Jail a resident for a certain amount of days
    • join [name] - Join a town

Nation Commands

  • /nation
    • ? - List of nation commands
    • list - List of nations by certain things
      • by name [page]
      • by resident [page]
      • by balance [page]
      • by towns [page]
      • by townblocks [page]
      • by online [page]
    • online - List of online members in your nation
    • [nation] - Information about a specific nation
    • leave - Leave your nation
    • withdraw [money] - Withdraw money from your nation
    • deposit [money] - Deposit money into your nation
    • deposit [money] [town] - Deposit money into a town within your nation
    • new [name] - Create a new nation
    • rank - Set up ranks in your nation
    • add [town] - Add a town to your nation
    • kick [town] - Kick a town from your nation
    • delete [nation] - Delete your nation
    • ally [add/remove] [nation] - Add or remove an ally
    • enemy [add/remove] [nation] - Add or remove an enemy
    • rank [add/remove] [resident] [rank] - Give or remove a resident a rank
    • say [msg] - Broadcast a message to everyone in your nation
    • set - Set various things in your nation
      • king [resident] - Set a resident as king of the nation
      • capital [town] - Set the capital of your nation to a different town
      • board [msg] - Set the login message for your nation members
      • taxes [money] - Set the taxes for your nation
      • name [name] - Change the name of your nation
      • spawn - Teleport to your nation spawn
      • spawncost - Modify the cost of non-nation/ally members teleporting to your spawn
      • title [resident] [title] - Set a title of a resident
      • surname [resident] [surname] - Set the surname of a resident
      • tag [4characters] - Set the tag of your nation
      • tag clear - Clear your nation tag
      • mapcolor [color] - Changes the color that your nation will have on the map. Available colors: Aqua, Azure, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Cyan, DarkBlue, DarkCyan, DarkGrey, DarkGreen, DarkKhaki, DarkMagenta, DarkOliveGreen, DarkOrange, DarkOrchid, DarkRed, DarkSalmon, DarkViolet, Fuchsia, Gold, Green, Indigo, Khaki, LightBlue, LightCyan, LightGreen, LightGrey, LightPink, LightYellow, Lime, Magenta, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Violet, Red, Silver, White, and Yellow.
    • toggle open - Toggle whether people can teleport to your nation spawn
    • join [nation] - Join a nation
    • merge [nation] - Merge two nations together. Complicated, do research before doing this
    • townlist [nation] - List of towns in a nation
    • allylist [nation] - List of allies a nation has
    • enemylist [nation] - List of enemies a nation has

TownBan Commands

  • /townban
    • ban [player] [reason] - Ban a player from your town, they cannot re-enter
    • unban [player] - Unban a player from your town
    • help - List these commands
    • mybans [page] - Check what towns you are banned from
    • bans [page] - Check who is banned from your town
    • kick [player] - Kick a player from your town and send them back from spawn, they can re-enter