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Information - Starter Guide

Section 1: Starter Kit

The easiest way to get some quick cash when you are new is to do /kit and claim your starter kit! The Starter Kit contains tools, armor, etc. to get started, in addition to $5,000!

Section 2: Voting

Probably the easiest way to make consistent money quickly. You can vote up to seven times and earn up to seven vote keys every day. The vote keys can be used on the vote crate to have a chance at earning some low value items or some extremely rare and valuable items. A quick list of vote links can be found here.

Section 3: Jobs

Jobs will be your main source of making money on the server. There is no admin shop and there never will be. You will have to make money by performing actions that are paid by the job that you choose. You are able to choose from the following jobs: Lumberjack, Miner, Digger, Farmer, and Fisherman. In the beginning you will only be able to be in one job at a time. There is no penalty for switching jobs. To be able to join more than one job at a time, purchase the Jobs perk in /perks using in-game currency. All of the jobs have been balanced to make about the same amount of money per hour. This means that you can choose whichever job you enjoy doing the most and you should earn relatively the same amount. Each level in a job will multiply your money earned per action by the following formula: jobLevel * baseAmount = moneyEarned. This means that at level five in a job, you will earn five times the amount of money as level one. There are ten levels in each job. You can join a job by doing /jobs join [job]. You can leave a job by doing /jobs leave [job].

Section 4: Lottery

You can participate in the lottery every 30 minutes by typing /lottery buy. Tickets are free, and you can only buy one ticket per drawing. Each ticket bought by a player increases the pot by $500, so encourage others to buy lottery tickets! Good luck!

Section 5: Marketplace

You can buy and sell things on the marketplace to make money. Learn more about the marketplace here. It is very simple to use and you will always be aware of what the market price is! You can advertise your listings to other players by creating an advertisement in /ads.

There are other ways to make money and people are constantly finding out new methods! Get creative and you may become the wealthiest player on the server.