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Information - Marketplace

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is our custom plugin created to replace Auctions and Chestshops. You can search for any item (including our custom items) and see if anyone is selling them. If they are, a GUI is opened that allows you to browse all of the listings on that item, sorted by cheapest first. A price checker is also available to see the average, low, and high prices for that item from the past two weeks. This means that you will always know if you are getting a fair deal! You can sell items by creating listings by using the commands below. You can also use the price checker to determine what you should sell an item for.

You are limited to creating one listing of each item type at a time.

Section 1: List of Commands

  • /market - Browse the market
  • /market help [pageNumber] - List of commands for the market
  • /market search [item] - Search to see if anyone is selling that item, and open up a menu that shows the listings if they are
  • /market offer [amount] [price per item] - Put an item up for sale on the marketplace
  • /market update [amount] - Update a market listing with more items
  • /market check [item] - Perform a price check on an item
  • /market mylistings - Open a menu that shows all of your current listings on the marketplace. You can cancel a listing here
  • /market cancelled - Open a menu that shows your cancelled listings. You can collect your cancelled listings here
  • /market fetchmessages - Fetch your missed marketplace messages if you were offline