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Information - Chat

What is Chat?

The purpose of chat is to communicate with other players. Please be respectful and do not be toxic in the global chat channels that everyone can see. Rules are relaxed a little bit in non-global channels, but you still must adhere to them in general. Please use each channel for the purpose that the channel was created for. It is part of the rules to use the channels how they are intended. Using chat channels incorrectly can result in a warning or a mute.

Section 1: List of Channels & Functions

  • /chat - Open a menu where you can easily manage your channels
  • /gc - Global discussion. Be respectful and non-toxic in this channel
  • /tc - Town chat. Only members of your town can see this
  • /nc - Nation chat. Only members of your nation can see this
  • /lc - Local chat. People within 100 blocks can see this
  • /vc - VIP chat. Exclusive to people who have bought a rank